Terms & conditions

Free templates

Credit must be given whenever a free template is used, or the video may be removed.

Paid Animation

Once you buy an animation, you own it and are not obligated to provide credit when it is used. Intros are always uploaded to my channel, you can choose whether or not you want the price to be displayed.


Refunding any product is not allowed for any reason. The only exception is if I am unable to create your request due to personal issues. Chargebacks are unacceptable and shall be met with legal force if the chargeback is deemed as fraduelent.


Requests for revisions and changes for animation may result in additional charges. Only changes that are free, is if something was left out of the animation that the client specified prior to the product being delievered. Please provide me with all the information about your animation before I start working to prevent any issues.


Everyone who orders will be placed in a queue in the order of which they purchased their animation.